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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Polaroid123, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. Dear Admin or Mod,

    It has been about a year now ive been banned from empire minecraft and I really would like you to un ban me because im getting really bored of the other serversiamplaying. The reason I got banned was that I was griefing, but someone gave me build flaness , use flag and container flag and there was some stuff I wanted from there so I just helped myself, im so sorry about my foolish and I hope that you can un ban me as soon as you can.

    Yours Truely,

  2. This isnt the proper way to appeal a ban. Pm a mod for a ban appeal.
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  3. EMC has only existed for about 200 days so you must be talking about a Mercurial year or something.

    Oh, and there's some stuff I really want at the bank, but I refrain from just going in and taking it.

    [edit] You want to know what bugs me the most? His profile says he's 30. I have a little bit of sympathy for a 14 year old who takes something just because they want it with no regard for property rights and no thought of anything but fulfilling their own desires. I was once young and without a very strong moral compass, so I understand that one can learn and grow and become better than they were. But, if you haven't matured by age 30, there's a pretty decent chance you never will.
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  4. I'm pretty sure the empire just turned 200 days old a couple of days ago so it hasn't been a year. If you had read the commandments before you started you would have never "helped yourself" to items that didn't belong to you.

    2. Thou Shalt Not Steal

    Do not steal from other players, even if you find an unlocked player chest in the wilderness or if you have container permissions on another players lot. If you are caught doing so you will permanently banned.

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    Yeah been over a year?
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  6. Well actually that represents his time on the forums not playing on the actual empire. He was 128 days old on the empire. Permabanned for stealing or the moderator/admin who banned him's exact words "stealing isn't cool"
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  7. Yeah but he said its been a year since he got banned not when he started playing :D And his first post he made was that he got banned, was on 7th of January if I am correct. Still doesn't mind what way we look at it he couldn't have been playing for a year :)
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  8. True ;)
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  9. Why are you even appealing for this you broke a rule and admitided it, you weren't mistaken you missbehaved, ban appeals are for people who didn't do anywrong or were seen in an unfair light, you were banned for a reason if you come back on what will stop you from causing caos again?
  10. Nice way to compose a letter, but this 'appeal' will be ignored. PM JustinGuy or GameKribJEREMY for an appeal. Also, have you ever read the rules? Like Dreamytje said, Thiu Shalt Nit Steal; therefor grief.
  11. Oops Ninjeboy said the commandment but still.
  12. Well we all know NO ONE AT ALL lies about their age :p
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  13. What planet are you on... A year huh? I know someone who did THIS exactly, but less in depth.
    That guy got banned for being a jerk, you got banned for griefing, was worse on your part...

    I took this off your profile
    If you joined on the 2nd of January, that post is from the 7th of january. Which means it took you 5 days to get banned, or less. Which means you probably came to the server with intent to grief. Which is no allowed, And to be blunt (im never anything but blunt) I don't think you'll get unbanned and I would be semi-upset if you did. But you wont so....
  14. Oh... I remember you. (Unfortunatley) I can't stand people who are like grief grief grief.... I didn't mean it.
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  15. If. You played so long why does it say you are a new member?
  16. What kind of guy or gal would lie about their age! I mean it's outrageous if someone did!
  17. Someone who wants to stalk other people? Someone who feels insecure?

    I done that couple times because I feel uneasy around some websites.

    Oh yeah, my age in this forum is true. No lies.
  18. Canada! Par le vous francias?
  19. Pardon moi, je ne pas parle francais. Je "only" parle english. X_X
  20. I'm locking this thread seeing as it isn't actually needed.
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