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  1. So kinda new here, but im stuck like 10,000 blocks away from wild spawn and is there anyway to get back to town world or wild spawn withought walking that distance? Like when ever i try any commands ... /spawn or /wild or /home or /town none of them seem to work.... is there a command to get back?
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  2. You have to walk back too a protected spawn. Use your servers live map.
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  3. this is going to be a pain...
  4. Try this:

    On the top of the site, there is a server tab. Click it, and go to your server. Click the "view live map" section. Click the wild tab and select the block instead of flat. On the side there should be a list of people on that server. Scroll until you find yourself, click your name, and it will bring it to where you are. Zoom out until you see a big red/yellow square, and move your character (in-game) to that location. Then type /spawn.

    Hope that helped :)
  5. lol yeah not trying to be rude but i do know how to use live map(use to own a large server myself), but it did help tho because didn't know if there was a way to do it with out going back to the red square :/
  6. Depending on where you are, it might be faster to use a boat...? If you have an ender chest, you can simply put your items in it and die, then retrieve your items in town. If you're comfortable with nether travel, you could build a nether portal and go to spawn that way - it would only be 1/8 as far, but much more dangerous.
    But no, there are no commands to get back instantly, and mods won't teleport you.
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  7. Happy_Builder, if you cant use Livemap download the Mod Rei's Minimap. It helps out a ton! Just ask someone to go to the wild spawn and tell you the Cords. Make a waypoint to the spawn and you'll be home.

    The steps

    1. Go on Youtube
    2. Search up Reis Minimap Mod Download 1.4.6
    3. Download
    4. Go on EMC
    5. Message a friend or someone random IN TOWN to tell you the Spawn cords.
    6. Set the waypoint back to spawn.
    7. Travel back
    8. Your done! :p

    This may be easier than switching to the Web then back to minecraft. :)
    If you need further help, go to SMP1 and ask me for more help. I'll go meet up with you and bring
    you back to town.
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  8. Yeah i used Rei's mini-map in the past (not for this server) but thinking about downloading it again just for the sake of not being lost.
  9. Its allowed so there is no problem with that. :)
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  10. I feel you man.I had that experience before too...It did not feel good.
  11. You could try going back through the nether, after all its 8 times faster.
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  12. Yes it is allowed so be free to use the Waypoints! That mod helps out a ton! ;)
  13. if you could get obsidian and an eye of ender ... make a end chest and kill yourself ... fastest way i know
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  14. The live-map and rei's minimap are both great helpers, especially when combined. Made that 10k journey quite a few times - if you're patient it's not really that much of a trip.
  15. Or you can just kill your self. Or you can live in the wild. :p
  16. Living in the wild isnt much of a option. He asked to get back to town.
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  17. Open F3..
    Walk to x:0