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  1. We all hear how bad xfinity internet is... and its bad, but i had a brief second of this:

    So... yeah. #downloadspeed


    Also, just want to know, anyone msging me and stuff, im not leaving or quiting. Just computer plus money issues. Bad combo huh. Probably wont be able to join full on again until spring time...

    I do check in one a week to vote and stuff so if you need to talk hit me up.
  2. I know I don't get to hang out with ya much AmusedStew, but every interaction I've had with you has been great. You'll be missed. Hope it all gets sorted out for you soon!
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  3. That is awesome :D
  4. Ahh the good old 2.147 billion, looks like something bugged out and you've maxed out a 32 bit integer xD
  5. that's two million, I don't think that's too high for a computer integer :p
    sounds to me like xfinity is pretty good according to this :O
  6. No, it's 2.147 billion but capped off by speed test. 32 bit integers support up to 2,147,473,647. Unless he magically got the first digits of that, it's just capped by speed test :p
  7. Ya, Stew is a fun player :)
    See ya when the grass is greener! Survive the tougher times and we will be around! Good luck!
  8. I originally got 3 pt sonething billion, but it changed to 2.147m when went to results... ;)
  9. Interesting speed, though I'm sure it might normally be a little bit less than that ;)
  10. Normally I get 80 down 20 up... lately though, everynight around 10:30-1:00 my download speed drops to a zero then a minute later goes back to 80... process repeats every fifteen mins or so.
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  11. I get stupid things all the time with Uverse I swear they throttle me... Well hope you get this fixed sometime soon.