Umm Ya...Town is almost Full...

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  1. i was looking at live map and our once empty town is now almost at capacity O_O thoughts? i myself find it less enjoyable as i lag now when i play thanks to more players on then when i started. not saying haven't met some cool and awesome people since the boom of people though
  2. Mmmm maybe if we propose some kind of..... prerequisites for new players to keep the server "lag-free"?
  3. i think the lag is my side not sure though,my connection is pretty poor though. i am just shocked by how it fast it has grown.i didn't make this topic for my latency issues,just thoughts on this .
  4. It's amazing how many people have an account on EMC. I've told many about it. Most join..... like fluffinator09.
  5. How about.... having another world called town 2 or something, that way the people on one town world wont lag ?
  6. Actually splitting Town into two worlds would cause more lag. The closer together people are the less "chunks" the server has to keep loaded in memory :)
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  7. True, is there not a way of doing that tho so there is no lag?
  8. The only true way is another server :/
  9. hmmm, yea lol
    that means more money :/
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