Ultimate Minecraft Picture Contest!

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  1. Hey Everyone!
    Photo here with a new contest.
    I would like you to make an epic picture and post it here on the EMC forums.
    The deadline to submit is March 24th.
    The reward...
    • A great looking signature {achievement get! thingy}
    • A DIAMOND! Yay! Who doesn't like diamonds?
    So that's the reward.
    A good strategy to post your pics is to upload them to Flickr. Sign up for an account here: http://www.flickr.com/
    Steps to Upload to EMC Forums:
    1. Upload your pics to Flickr.
    2. Click on the uploaded photo.
    3. Right click on the enlarged photo.
    4. Select "Copy image URL"
    5. On a reply, upload a photo by clicking on the tree in the edit screen.
    6. Paste the url in there.
    I would love to see your creations! Here's my idea:

    Only use F1. I failed. Lol.
    Below is the signature you can get if you win (Based on third, second and first place):

    Have fun! And be creative!

  2. Hm... I might try to get a cool looking pic. Heh.
  3. You should rename your contest...
    Ultimate is a synonym for final. This suggests that this is the only Minecraft Photo Contest...
    I am sure another one will come up again, either here or in another community. ;)
  4. hmm, I read it to mean a contest to find the ultimate minecraft photo.
  5. Is there a certain genre we're going for here?
  6. No. It's just trying to find a really cool picture of something in Minecraft.
    "Ultimate" as "The Coolest." I'll rename it. But...
    He's right.
  7. So yes, everyone, find the coolest picture you can.
    Best luck to all of you.
  8. No need. :) I looked it up on dictionary.com.. Turns out we are all correct. It was just that your usage differed from my understanding.
    It makes perfect sense. haha
  9. Ok. Everyone, I have not gotten any photos yet! Upload soon!
  10. ill try but not now... (soon)
  11. 1 diamond is kindve a low prize no offense. Like killing 10 creepers with your fists and giving you a piece of dirt lol... Good idea though!
  12. EDIT- Here are the prize winnings for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place:
    1st=2 diamonds and the cool signature
    2nd=1 gold ingot and the cool signature
    3rd=1 stack of wood and the cool signature.
    This was do to the somewhat request:
  13. I'll see what I have.
  14. Contest has ENDED!
    Entries are being reviewed.
  15. ...Since there was only one entry...DangerousPopcorn wins.
  16. wow congrats :D more Contests please :)