Ultimate Chicken egg generator

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by FlevasGR, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Tha chickens!

    Tha system!

    Tha eggs!

    Finaly tha SUCCESS!
    tha tha tha tha
  2. Just be careful -- those chickens can really lag out your res. Trust me, I know ;)
  3. are those all source blocks?
  4. I know I have.more eggs than both of u. :)
  5. Server Killer!
  6. My friend YourFearIsHere cant visit his own res because of this chicken generator xD (His computer sucks)
    BUT 64 gb RAM and 1000 mbps and 2 intel zeon can keep smp1-smp9 .
    EMC has really "profesional" systems.
  7. Don't mean to thread-jack, but...

    I have 20 some odd dispensers that I filled with chicken eggs, and this was the result. I did have about 120 chickens in here before, so judging based on how much room those 120 took up, I'm guessing I have 200-250
    chickens now. Eventually I'm going to build an egg collector, but for now I just run around the pen.
  8. how many do u have?