Ulti HQ Extension and FAQ

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  1. Discounts have arrived!

    What is this?
    This is an extension of Ulti HQ at my res. In this extension there are 3 sections: coal, iron/gold, diamond/lapiz.

    How do I use this?
    You simply drop the item that is needed and walk to the corresponding door. Then buy what ever you want!(that is in there).

    Can I spam click and get all the items for myself?
    No. You can buy 32 items of each type per day. I you exceed twice, it will result in a service(res) ban.

    How can I get to it?!
    go to /v 16059, walk straight and then head towards the arrows that says: Discounted Shop. or to go directly(skiping the mall, not recommended), use /v 16030@dis

    How do I know items are on stock?
    You don't, but tuqueque will try to restock all items every week, and restock even more the most bought items. Remember, first here, first served.

    I live on another smp, can I just pay once?
    Sure you can. This shop is beneficial for those who don't live on smp8, but if you want to pay what is supposed to be just re-enter and pay again(recommended, because that means more restocking!)

    I drop something, and the door didn't open at all?
    PM tuqueque, and he will tell you what he needs to give your item back!

    If you are found reselling items from these shops, it will result in a service(res) ban.

    Have more questions? PM tuqueque via in-game or forums(preferable), he'll be happy to help you
    More information will be added as needed.