UK player checking in :)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by WizKing78, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Hi I'm Leon, 33, from the UK. Thought I'd give a U.S. server a try for once.

    From what I've seen of Empire Minecraft so far, it looks really well done and I'm looking forward to building some cool stuff :)
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  2. Good to have you, always happy to expand our outside U.S. group :)
  3. I think there is several other UK players around.Also I'm from a different planet.
  4. Another joins our ranks! UK FTW. Where abouts you from? :)
  5. Gloucestershire. You?
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  6. I'm from Lancashire. Born in Preston but I'm living in Blackburn at the moment.
  7. Hello from the south of the UK
  8. Hello from northants - soon to be Manchester :O
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  9. What's the connection/lag like on these servers for a UK player?
  10. Hey, i'm from the Uk too ^.^ Nottingham.
    The connection is actually really good. No lag at all. Glad to have you here :)
  11. Thanks and glad to see so many other UK ppl enjoying it here.

    MC is so much more rewarding than raiding/leveling/blowing things up :)

    So there's no delay after you've mined a block until it moves to your inventory? My last server (based in Germany) lagged like crazy and it made gathering resources so time consuming.
  12. It really depends on your computer and internet connection. If you have a shitty laptop like me your bound to lag :p
    My friend down the road though has a very good computer and has no lag at all ^.^
  13. I'm also living in Blackburn- Lancashire (-: Its weird, I've never really thought of this as an american server- never linked it to a nationality (-: Guess its just shows how welcome I feel :p But yeah welcome to you :-D