[UK] [Discussion] Anti-Piracy campaign. Will it work?

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  1. Not exactly new news or anything, I just wanted to see what you guys thought of the new Anti-Piracy campaign that will come into effect next year (2015). Here's links to articles for more about the story:


    Here is my summary
    A New UK Anti-Piracy CAMPAIGN will come into effect in 2015 which will warn internet users that they are partaking in illegal activities and will try to 're-educate' users about copyright and 'legal' ways to enjoy and view/listen/play. However, the big news is that once you get 4 of these warnings via Email or post NOTHING will happen.

    The warning system is the result of four years' wrangling between internet service providers (ISPs) and industry bodies representing music and movie-makers.

    My Opinion
    Personally, I don't think it will be very effective. It will stop some users, as I can see that some people will actual realize what they're doing is illegal if they didn't know that before and depending on the wording of the warnings (I presume they will use threatening-ish wording) some people will think that they could actually be prosecuted because of it (although that probably won't be the case). However, I don't think it will stop more 'dedicated' pirates since there will be effectively no consequence.

    What do you think?

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  3. Even though I'm from the U.S. piracy is something that concerns it all. I am going on the facts that you had in your summary and my opinion on piracy as a whole.

    It won't work unless they start to make examples of people. Arrest someone. Isn't that what works? I believe that these are empty threats. But to actually catch someone doing this will sure make people reconsider.