UHC Apology

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  1. To all those who I've played UHC with, especially Team Red, and all those who were involved in the UHC thread.

    UHC started out as a fun event that people could play at with their friends and it had a bit of a competitive style to it. As most of us know, that competitive style got taken way out of hand by several people, including me. It started off with friendly battles and such, and escalated to the point of publicly putting each other down in the main UHC thread. Although I wasn't the largest problem or the main accuser, I can't help that I feel like I started the spiral downward by calling out Team Red 3 weeks ago. It was likely when I accused ingame that started it, but the true start of the bitter relations between the "RainbowBeards" and Team Red was when I publicly posted about it in the thread.

    I am sorry.

    I took a game that was fun for everyone and turned it into a mess of drama. I became too competitive and cared way too much about winning. I will never take a game like this so seriously again. EMC is a family fun place where everyone should be able to play and be entitled to enjoying themselves without constant drama.

    I hope you can tell this is genuine and not a shoddy attempt to salvage attention.

    My apologies,
    - Haro
  2. I wasn't there... ;-;
  3. It was the 4v1 clutch, then the beards over all it was bad after that.

    Thank you for showing your concerns and apologizing up front! I'm sure I will see you around too :)
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  4. Hey man, Ive done this several times now and it shows character. Im proud you stood up and apologized publicly not caring about what others think, #Proud!
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  5. Thanks Haro you are really mature for dueing this! ;)
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