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  1. Photoshopped
  2. Obviously.
  3. I want a divorce
  4. hmm i see no evidence of photoshop, lol.
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  5. No.
  6. I'll represent you in court :p We need an EMC family court :p
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  7. No.
    it's not happening.
  8. We're getting a divorce
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  9. Who gets 4005?
  10. Dat Carrot Caik
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  11. No. I think you need to remember who cleans your pretty ruppes every night. And Who keeps 4005 from burning while you sleep.

    Oh and no.
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  12. A great job of photoshop shouldn't show any evidence.
  13. Me :cool:
    Exactly! Hah!
    If you change your super creepy signature...
  14. But it's cute..
    But fine.
    The things I do for ruppe- I mean Alex.
  15. *rupe- You're just in it for the R.
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  16. DIVORCE! :D
  17. Well you just want my poo.
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  18. You win, well played.