Uh... Yes... Introductions.. Hello :3!

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  1. I am Andre From Finland :3 (Henry but so many spells that wrong. )

    Age is 16 and born in year ( 1995 ) ( Male )

    I am currently studying in school but on my free time i " Moderate " my good friend Joakim's website " Paterance's Servers and with him we have started to make a game slowly but surely ( you can track the project in www.paterances.enjin.com )

    So... i think there was all... for now... oh yes... and currently i might have long times offline due to internet so if you see me in EMC i just might be lagging =D

    Mastah Joakim's EMC - Paterance
    Apprentice Andre's EMC - LuxuryMushroom

    and i have already been here for a while but never thought introducing my self ...

    Res - 9120 i think?

    Hello EMC Admin's & Staff you're doing good job :3

    and hello to paterance if he reads forums ;(

    Best Regards
    Henry Pakki
  2. Thanks for the interesting introduction!

    I hope to see you around the servers :)