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  1. So i decided to join this program called "Subscriber Train" which is to help you get more subs for your youtube channel. So i subbed to this guys, and i see a little window pop up:

    So, uh..... Yay? xD

    (And here's the link if you want to check it out :p)
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  2. Rember, Never put your User and Password on ANY other website besides YOUTUBE
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  3. Ummm...
    I didn't say that i did give it to them...
    and they don't ask for your password either....
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  4. scam scam I bet :p
  5. You are made to subscribe to people and they make people subscribe to you. That's what there doing
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  6. I know that :p
    But i can always filter my subscriptions and check that way
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