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  1. Hey everyone! I have started to make some minecraft videos to share with the world. Here is the first one (Contains some suggestive/inappropriate language for some viewers)!

    As you can see if you watched the video, I am struggling with finding the right words to say while playing. This makes it difficult to keep the video entertaining, exciting and funny. This is where you come in! If you have ever thought about making or participating in a minecraft video, than this may be for you! Don't know how to make a video? No problem! This is my first time making a video also so we can help each other with that. Can't or don't know how to edit a video? Leave that to me! I am pretty good with editing videos and am pretty good with knowing what looks good. You probably do also so you input would absolutely be heard and most likely added! The only thing that I am lacking is a good program to edit with (using Imovie at the moment). So if anybody has suggestions on good video editing software (doesn't matter if I have to pay, I will still look into it) tell me! Also, if you are good at creating covers for the series (pictures that will show up when you search the video) that's also a bonus!

    If you would like to join tell me below. There are a few "rules" that you should know before asking to join. I am looking for one specific person who can make videos often with me (others can join as well, but I would preferably like one person who is my main partner and who I am their main partner). Please do not ask to join if you are below the age of 14. This isn't because I think you are annoying or do not know how to make a video, this is only because we might use inappropriate language for younger kids and also we will be able to understand each other's humor better, if we are closer in age, making the videos more enjoyable. When you ask to join, tell me how old you are, what kinds of videos you are looking to make (I am up for all sorts of suggestions especially if they are original), and if you have made videos before (this does not matter as much but can help). Also if there is something else you would like to tell me, then tell me! The details about the videos we make will be discussed over Skype (or other means if you do not have Skype). I hope a lot of you consider joining!
    EDIT: Also I might make a few different videos with different groups of people and see which ones I like better and make a decision depending on that.
    ~Uglydragon and the Dragon Riders!
  2. I'd like to join.
    I am bascally 14 (I am 13 as of now, but i will be 14 in a month)
    I'll make any type of video (As long as there is no racism, putting down of a religon/group, heavily adult themed things, ect.)
    I have made videos before, with Hypercam2 and FRAPS.
    Oh, and my skype name is jtc0999 (SUPRISE! xD)
  3. Ill join but I may not be able to be your main person because I only make videos from xbox360 and not on the computer, but I do have skype and I will be 14 in 5 days XD (close enough right)
  4. Sounds great! I'm gonna wait a little while longer to add anybody for skype just to get some other entries in but it sounds good.
    Well I don't have minecraft for the xbox 360 so that won't work out but maybe you can join in one of the videos we make on the pc.
  5. Thats why I said I wouldnt be a great main person :p But, I would love to skype over one or multiple of your videos, it looks like you have a great program for it :) Heres a Recent Video I did for my channel on youtube
  6. Sure! :)
    Imma take a shower, and i'll be on the fourms and skype for another 30 minutes
  7. This is definitely off-topic, but what do you use to edit your videos and uploading them? In my opinion, the video was quite nice. ^_^
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  8. Why thank you :D and I used Imovie on mac to edit it and then used gimp to edit the pictures for the outro and the thumbnail for the video. As for the intro I used an online website. I forget what it's called right now but if you search up 'make your own youtube intro' you will probably find it.
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  9. You gou your Xbox taken away!?!?
    What did you do…
  10. I was finishing my basement and it had nowhere else to hook up to except for my basement XD, so It was gone for like 2 months
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  11. Bump. Also if electrobomb or jtc0999 would like to make a video today I am available for the rest of the day.
  12. I may not be able to be your main guy here but I would love to be in a few of your videos :p I love playing on this wonderful server. I am 15 years old and I could do this every other week if you like how I play :p
    And a little addition, I am also VIP
  13. I could help, but what timezone are you in? Im EST
  14. ps im only available on tuesday, thursday and friday (playing mc wise)
  15. Sure ill pm you my skype name
  16. Illlllllllll dooooooooooo iiiiiiiiitttttttt braw or brawete and i possibly am a full time skyper already exept for school and wed; mon; sun; and fri. other than that im full time and im already a youtuber and will soon make a video of EMC (<------- epic) sooooooooo i be your buddy and also then porphos would come with me (he's my bro and the best archer ever) then timuthore he's my nabor and bloodmoka38 he's my nabor sooooo realy if you choose me than you get them
  17. plz dont post messily like that!:mad:
  18. ;(
  19. If you guys would like to help please PM me your skype name and I will add you :D also second video will be up sometime later today!
  20. I won't e able to do this until after Thursday :/ maybe after then? :D
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