UFO sighting in smp2

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by pgoubert, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. i saw a UFO in smp2!!!!!!!!
    weird lights came down from the sky then a huge craft appeared behind the clouds of the night!!
    one of my cows drifted away towards so i climbed my tower and i killed the cow before hey could get it then lightning started striking close to me and when the sun appeared the UFO disappeared.

    i have no mods i swear.
  2. yes it was traumatizing!!!!!!!!!
  3. What stuff have you being smoking bro?
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  4. So this happened on SSP or SMP?
  5. i saw it too, i was in my res (im pgoubert's neighbor) and there was this really bright light like he said and then a freaking cow started flying!!!!!!
  6. you see you see aliens roam in minecraft
  7. O no! It is Notch trying to fill hid hunger up and steal cows from innocent people! His rupees balance: 0
  8. lol meeeeeaaaaan notch
  9. Did you see the moon again?
  10. Dudes watch out maybe its the cow rapture
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  11. Or an alternative answer, Justin installed some new plugin and jeremy was messing around, lol
  12. lol i actually saw that and lassia is witness but i forgot to take screenshot
  13. Hrmmm, this thread should be renamed to "random brain hiccups of pgoubert" ;) :p
  14. someone's been smoking some jacked up stuff
  15. XD

    south park?
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  16. Yup :)
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  17. lol there r lil kids watching u shouldnt show them south park
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