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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Richard_Gecko, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. Hey all, sorry for the dumb post, but my fiancee is trying to unclaim her ress since she made a mistake and put in a wrong number, its not allowing her to do so (24hr timer). However the request relies on the ability to get it unclaimed so she can claim the one just besides me before it gets taken

    I know that perhaps this is not an issue admins/mods etc will deal with but would be really awesome if you could. we just want to start building next to each other

  2. Perhaps a forced "derelict policy"? altho she hasnt been away not even for a day =P
  3. Start a conversation with GameKribJeremy and ask him to unclaim her lot. I believe that is the only workaround, though he is offline right now. :)
  4. Hey mate, start a private convo with JustinGuy telling him just what you said here, and he should be able to do something for you. :)

    Edit: Crazy, im too tired to fight you for first response times :p
  5. Except Justin will just ask Jeremy to unclaim... :rolleyes:
    Both solutions work though.
  6. Ahh, fair enough then :)
    Actually probably best, Justin will hopefully be enjoying time with new family member :D
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  7. Taken care of. Locking topic...Like a boss.
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