TZ Enterprises

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  1. So me and Terminator908 have had TZ enterpises for a week or two now. I decided it would be a good idea to make a thread, as we have a lot of information that we need to make our customers, and our potential customers!

    So ahead I will probably put different sections for our different projects.

    Res Projects

    Currently we have four residences together :) you can see the prgress in the central south on the town's live map, or you can check any updates for pictures. Server is all SMP1
    Current Projects:
    Z-1 Logging company HQ, lodge, and storage for logs Res: 227
    Z-2 Castle, Trade HQ, shop, functional NPC village, and my mansion :3 Res: 2932
    T-1 UNDECIDED Poll will be taking lace soon Res: 228
    T-2 Oriental House, for something I don't know Res: 2933

    Current Partners/Orders

    Current Auctions

    Trade (Closed)
    (No thread :p)
    Materials (Closed)
    (No thread :p)

    Thread under construction. Critique away!
    tl;dr - I have a company.