Two open residents. Which smp?

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  1. I am a new and temporary Diamond supporter. I now have access to two more lots. I plan to claim these and offer open perms to everyone. Build tree farms or what ever you want.

    So which two smp's? Edit: Not Utopia. I'm already there.
  2. smp2!
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  3. smp1 and smp3
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  4. Utopia and SMP2
    Utopia for the big res, and SMP2 cause I moved there
  5. smp1 and 2
  6. You should have put a poll.
  7. Yes I should have. I tried to edit but to no avail.
  8. You should be aware that anything which is built on your lots is considered to be your responsibility, so if a player comes along and builds giant swastikas and inappropriate body parts, you may be liable.
    It may seem far fetched, but it really does happen. :rolleyes:
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  9. Ya. After all, you could be building my shrine, but no matter. I suggest making something for fun, and something for buisness.
  10. Smp6 and utopia!
  11. Smp3 please. You should make it in a tundra biome for ice farms
  12. SMP1 and 8
  13. Is that possible?
  14. smp1 and utopia. :)
  15. Yes ice freezes over in tundra areas (you can tell by the color of the grass) and silktouch can now harvest ice in 1.3