Two and a Half men Finale Preview.

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Who you miss Two and a Half men

Yes it was amazing 2 vote(s) 50.0%
No I don't care 2 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. Hi guys as you may know the American Hit Sitcom Two and a Half men is final episode is coming up. I don't know if it has already ended america but tommorow (Easter Monday) for the UK its ending.
    If anyone watches this would understand pretty much what I mean.
    There have been adverts on ComedyCentral on Jake and Charlie Returning.

    The Story line is Charlie Escapes and is on the run to hunt Alan and Walden. Then Jake appears halfway through the show. There has been clips that we don't see Charlie Face so that would be a shame because I really wanted him to have a bigger part in this Episode. Anyway I Love the Series of Two and a Half men and sad to see if go to an end.

    If you guys want your thought on Two and a Half men then please comment :)
  2. I used to watch it. Then there was a freaky mystery episode, and then I stopped watching it. But sad to see a show end since Two and a Half Men has been running for so long!
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  3. I stopped watching it when they Replaced Charlie Sheen. Honestly, I think they should have cancelled it once they replaced him.

    However, I though the final episode was hilarious. The ending got me laughing like crazy!
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  4. Why can't it just be called 2.5 men?

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  5. I did want to stop watching it sheen Charlie was replaced but I still decided to watch it
  6. i want to see the last one, when is it? :3 and what channel
  7. In the UK it's on comedycentral at 9 or 10 but I believe it already aired in America
  8. oo okay :) i will deffo watch it :D