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  1. Tonight me and some friends will be streaming to Twitch TV.
    We barely have any viewers when we do so why not ask
    the Empire Community?
    During this livestream we will be playing:
    Dead Island
    Wargame: European Escalation
    Star Conflict
    Dota 2
    (All are subject to change)

    I will also be giving away various prizes during the livestream
    I will say "And this one goes to EMC: [Insert Prize Name Here]"
    Then you must be the first one to claim the prize by messaging me on Steam @fluffinator09
    or typing the prize name in the chat box.
    The prizes will be giving away rupees and various blocks.
    (Maybe a beacion to?;) Tune in to find out!)
    The stream will be from 9 PM EST to around 11:50 PM EST
    (Subject to change)
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  2. First
    And how do we enter?
  3. I guess ill be sleeping at that time, but I tested my own quality and lag lil hour earlier, it was kinda good I guess :) Followed ;-)
    FPS wise, this old one, can't handle it anymore :(
  4. Can ya start a bit earlier than 9? I wanna go to sleeeeeep but I want some prizes lol
  5. Dude can I have the beacon? I followed and viewed like 10 times lol ;):p

    I needz beaconz!
  6. Stream is having a slight tech problem. Will be up in a second :)
  7. can you report when its up?
  8. Absolutely
  9. Looking forward to it;)
  10. And We Are Live!
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  11. Is it working cuz I can't see or hear it
  12. Same here. It won't play!!!
  13. Works fine for me.
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  14. Due to technical and personnel problems (-_-) the livestream will have to be rescheduled. Sorry for any problems. :/
  15. We are adding a Team Fortress 2 lineup to the stream!
    I myself am joining!
    We are streaming tonight, but if we can't we will be sure to stream tomorrow.
    Stay posted for the time later tonight!
    Also questions about the EMC Voltz War will be answered during the stream!
  16. Can I call you hashtag?
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  17. We will be starting at 8:15 PM EST!
  18. Hey! We have ONE viewer guys! ME!