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  1. This will be a continuously updated post, as I have done some long-term research into different farm designs. This one is not the most practical but it does render the most awe when viewed. I have plans to stack the fields on top of each other to a height of maybe 10 fields, for a total of 20. :) This will be implemented much later, as the materials involved are extensive...
    Here is photo 1:

    These fields are 54x9x5 each plot being 9x9 with the center block being water. This allows a yield of 481 Wheat. Seeds vary, but will definitely yield a surplus following replanting. 5 is height of the singular field. Each requiring Ceiling, Light, Growth, Soil, Fence - This allows the fields to be walked, concealed and even buried underground to maximize topside space.
    To build the 54x9x5 cavern requires many tools, many minutes and many resources. :)

    Photo 2:

    Minimap shows underdeveloped plants, so no need to walk through to verify if crops are ready.. Only functions for top level however. When everything is tan, minus 10 water blocks, it is harvest time. :)
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  2. Newest farm :)
    This WAS a chicken coop, but it somehow became a barn when the cows were mysteriously added... Then, I was provided with Sheep by a donator I can not remember at the moment. Pleas claim your recognition... :D

    The dimensions are:
    (4 layers open space/fence wall, 1 layer fence ceiling)
  3. Can I unload excessive eggs on you? :l
  4. lol nice twitch