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  1. Hey guys! You should come join in my twitch stream here in about an hour!

    I am on the road to 100 followers, and once I get there I am doing a Giveaway! $150 total in Steam and iTunes cards!

    the link is

    And its gonna be a Minecraft day!
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  2. i just followed, will join later!
  3. Thanks Rhino! You can watch me get my butt kicked in hardcore games haha
  4. sounds good
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  5. are you going to stream?
  6. Yep! Going live now!
  7. I'm up and at it again! come join me and have some fun!
  8. Who wants to get down on some hunger games with me and be twitch famous?!
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  9. Sounds awesome. You don't seem to be on your stream though. Just a crying smiley face.
  10. I like steam XD
  11. I'm on it now! I am playing some Battlefield Hardline