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  1. Hey all!

    Some of you may know, some of you may not, but I am a disabled gamer. In March of 2017 I had a work injury that resulted in the loss of my middle three fingers and about 1/3 of my pinky all on my left hand. I have always been a console gamer, but have recently transitioned to PC gaming. While I am not the best by all means, I decided to start a Twitch channel to show people how a "disabled" person can still game.

    I'm not streaming for the money, I will not ask for donations. I will however ask that, if you have the time or the interest, feel free to give the stream a watch. If you like what you see, feel free to follow me!

    Note: At time there may be some inappropriate language, so you are being warned now.


  2. I will be live around 9:45 PM EMC time tonight! (in like 2 minutes)
  3. It's great that you're still doing the things you enjoy even with your disability. I'll come check it out. :)
  4. I'll be there too :) Fire it up!
  5. Sorry for the delay, Twitch was acting up. Going live now!
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  6. Streaming again tonight! Probably around 9:45PM/10PM EMC time!
  7. okay it has been decided I will be LIVE @ 10PM (IE: in 4 minutes)
  8. Going live @ 1045
  9. Looking for some peeps to play Jackbox Party 3 on stream!
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  10. That’s amazing! It’s a cool story! Be sure to notify when ya stream.
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  11. Streaming some overwatch in a few minutes