TWD Prison Project!

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  1. Hello Empire, I am here today to showcase one of my latest projects. I wanted to do something unique and this is my idea. This project is to build a replica of The Walking Dead Prison. It will probably be my biggest project on EMC (Like my event arena but EVEN BIGGER!) I will update this thread with screenshots and the latest information. It will include several cell blocks with a Canteen, Armory, a maintenance room and the courtyard, and will look similar to this.

    I do keep to my projects and with everything I need I normally get them done quite quickly (but not rushed).I hate to be the one to ask but like most projects I will need donations! All donaters will have a prison cell named after them and will receive early access to the prison. Here is a list of things I will need(you can also donate rupees):
    • Light grey wool for the guard towers
    • Iron fences for fences and cells
    • Gravel for paths
    One completed, I will host a scavenger hunt in the prison where you will find Michonne's Katana (AKA God sword) and Daryl's Crossbow. You can check progress for the project by doing /v welshgamer on SMP 5! Thanks for reading! :)
  2. I'll see what I can do about some iron fences and maybe gravel.
  3. Before bed bump :)
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  4. You have an event arena? Anyways... this sounds cool. Might donate something if I can be screwed to :p
  5. Which block will you use for Carl's massive ego? BOOMTSSS.
  6. How about the prison towers are kaboomed like they get in the finally.
  7. Yes I have a event arena its 9008 on smp4 however I don't use it very often.
    I am currently deciding if it should be like that now :)
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  8. Bump! ;)
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  9. The forests outside.

    Poor jojo.
    "The boy was scared." - Hershel Mah Crazy one-legged farmer vet.
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  10. Bump? :)
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  11. Will you be adding the insane amount of weaponry that they got from woodbury ?
    Dat 50. Cal is going to come in handy next season methinks.
  12. I'm tempted to give up on this project already :( That's not because there is no donations and I can quite easily fund it myself its just that I have kinda got bored of it already. I normally stick to all my projects (like my event arena) but this one is just well, meh. But then if I give up on it I don't know what else I will build :confused:. Should I carry on going or just abandon the project?
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