T'was the Morning before Christmas Eve...

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  1. And a bunch of us were spamming fireworks like noobletz. I tossed some messed up ones in my incinerator and suddenly sparks were flying around.

    I didn't get a chance to get a picture of the magical sparks but suddenly they turned into this:

    And because I hit their Giant leader, a hoard of Zombies came to attack!
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  2. Where is this?
  3. Here are some more :3 2012-12-23_06.33.05.png 2012-12-23_06.32.50.png 2012-12-23_06.33.58.png
  4. My res, SMP7
  5. how is this possible?
  6. It's known as the mad scientist/economy destroyer called Aikar.
  7. xD in Sonic's screen shot it gives it away even.

    So basically what happened was, after the updates and reboots, someone was abusing the shop glitch. They were trying to sell items to a shop and were getting the money for the item but still had the item in their hand. I told them to tell Aikar about it. Well the Ironic part is he apparently abused it for a while, told Aikar then went back abusing it some more and Aikar caught him and banned him. He was invisible and for some reason spawned in my house when he logged in. So then he started following me and shooting off the firework he had which confused us until he started talking. He we then went on talking and then while deathconn was afk he turned into the Wither and then shifted into the dragon, spawned the giant and zombies.
  8. Huston, we have a problem...