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  1. As the title suggests, I will be posting redstone tutorials here. However, like the image suggests, they will be for noobs. :p You are welcome to view them and use them even if you aren't a noob, but that is the audience that these are geared towards. Heck, even I'm not the good at redstone, but all of the tutorials posted here will be made by me, and the contraptions are also built/created by me.

    I hope you enjoy these, and that they help you!

    Tutorial One:
    "Semi-Efficient Hidden Chest"
  2. I would like to say
    Mumbo Jumbo
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  3. A redstone tick describes two game ticks. This creates a 1/10 of a second delay in the signal of a redstone circuit. That is, the signal's time to travel from a location A to location B is increased by 0.1 seconds. A tick only pertains to the increase in signal time, thus, a signal's travel time can never be decreased in reference to ticks. Taken from the Minecraft wiki.

    Tip! Right-click a repeater to change the tick settings. 1 click = 2 ticks, 2 clicks = 3 ticks, and so on.
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  4. Thanks for stealing that post.

    Mumbo is crazy
  5. Yep, crazy at redstone...
    Good luck though, redstone is a bit hard to grip at first for noobs
    My perspective, this thread might help the noobs that are horrible at redstone and make them good :)
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  6. That could be more compact ya know
  7. Well, it is for noobs... (Like myself)

    Edit: And it is easier to learn redstone if you can see everything spread out.