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  1. Where do you do the tutorial? It never asked me if I wanted to when I joined?
  2. You do /tutorial. Very old members never had to do it since it didn't exist when they first joined.

    EDIT: Just checked, you joined yesterday. Just login to Minecraft and use SMP9.empire.us (or any other server) as your multiplayer IP. You'll teleport to the tutorial automatically.
  3. When you connect to an Empire Minecraft server for the first time, you should automatically be taken to the tutorial for that server. Once you successfully complete the tutorial, you will be shown (via one simple sign) the way to enter town and join the Empire. Once you have completed it, you can always do /tutorial to go back.
    Are you having problems with it? It should be automatic.
  4. I'm so very new to this, do you type that into chat and if you do where is chat?
  5. Right, so you've signed up for the site. Have you joined a server yet?
  6. No that's what I want to do.
  7. Ok. Launch Minecraft and login as usual. Instead of pressing single player, click multiplayer. Then press add new server (at the bottom). As the name put 'Empire Minecraft' and and as the IP put 'smp9.empire.us' (without the ''s) - our newest server. You can then connect to EMC and the tutorial will begin automatically.
  8. The tutorial is automatic, it is the first thing you do when first joining a server. Just pick a server and join in-game. I take it you are familiar with joining minecraft servers? The IP of one of the servers is <smp1.empire.us>. Just put that into the Direct Connect box or into the Add Server box, and then connect.
  9. And don't forget to read the Empire Guide that's linked at the top of this page. If you read it, the tutorial will be a breeze and you can get playing faster. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  10. well its good to see you have chosen us for your first minecraft multiplayer experience! As Jack has posted how to enter an ip and all of that do that and your multiplayer expierence will begin to unfold :)
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  11. If your too overwhelmed by all this dude just do smp5.empire.us do the tutorial, read ALL the signs there and your good to go :)
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  12. Don't get confused by everyone saying to join a different server, they are all the same and you will start in the tutorial regardless of which server you join first. You only have to do the tutorial once, so you can move to any other server without having to do it again.