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  1. When i started up i couldnot find the tutorial can someone tell me where to go to do it
  2. When you first log onto an EMC server you are taken through a tutorial. Have you done that yet? There is also the Empire Guide which you will find located in the green bar at the top of the website. Welcome to the empire :)
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  3. Thanks i checked the empire guide but could not find a way to the tutorial and unfortunatly missed the tutorial link when i started up
  4. green bar? what green bar? :confused:
  5. Oh I see. Well if you have any questions or queries feel free to ask. The Empire Guide has pretty much everything you need to know. :)

    @squizzel At the top of the website? There's a green bar with writing on it and then green written links above it? xD
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  6. i cant find any other way of getting onto it
  7. Onto what? Have you signed into one of the servers yet? I recommend smp6.empireminecraft.com
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  8. Mine's orange :/
  9. But I know how to get on it :p
  10. can you tell me how to log onto a server :->
  11. Go onmultiplayer and click add server then type in (On the place called IP) "smp2.empireminecraft.com" :D
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  12. comes up with connection lost bad server login
  13. @squizzel Mines orange when I'm not logged in xD

    @James Do you have your minecraft launcher open? Click on multiplayer (I think it says mutliplayer), then click Direct Connect and in the box type smp6.empireminecraft.com and connect. This will take you to the newest server on EMC and will start you off in the tutorial :)
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  14. Oh. Try restarting minecraft :)
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  15. thanks guys im on smp6
  16. Yay good to hear :)
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  17. Good to hear :D