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  1. Okay, so I finished the tutorial and I am at the sign reading "Type /town to join the Empire. Have Fun!" but when I type "/town" it says that i don't have the permissions to use chat until I have completed the tutorial or something like that, but I have completed the Tutorial. Am I doing something wrong or what?
  2. I saw you just managed to get it work, welcome to the Empire! :)
  3. I see you're connected now as a regular member. Did this get figured out?
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  4. They're connected to SMP1, are in town and have claimed a res. I think we can safely say that's a yes :)
  5. Did you walk out of the WHOLE tutorial and off the steps? I got chat when I did that....
  6. Me 2 how do i do it??:(
  7. T
    try exiting and leaving the last room.
  8. I did the same how do i get on?:confused:
  9. what last room
  10. You keep finishing the tutorial, maybe go back, and check it out, I don't know. Good luck to all though :)
  11. Thx ill try
  12. My brother (Killerzone) had problems when he joined aswell, for some reason he "didnt" finish Room 2 or was it 3 cant quite remember. And I can't remember how we fixed it but he never "completed" room 2 or 3, and he didnt recieve money for that room either :p
  13. We got it fixed :)