[TUTORIAL] Tutorial needed!

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by jacob5089, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone, Im trying to create a roman villa and need a tutorial.
    The building is roman villa by ni and use birch wood and brick.
    Any tutorial in how to build it would be great!
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  2. Yes we need help this is very important.
  3. Have you guys heard of YouTube? or Google? Cause all I would do to help you guys is search for Roman Villa House tutorial minecraft, which I'm pretty sure you could do without my help.
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  4. Jacob looked there and all and said he coulnt find anything. He searched for a looong time.
  5. Try Ziff44's residence on SMP8. It might be what you're trying to do, it isn't a tutorial per se but it does give you something to work off of.
  6. Agreed. A bit obvious.
  7. I Looked at it. It it super fast. Im looking for somebody to show me how to build it step by step. It looks like he drunk 50 cups of coffe
  8. Try just building it based off of the picture, allows you to make your own changes as you so desire and makes it much more original/creative. Doesn't look like a very hard thing to build anyhow, no tutorial needed really
  9. Okay, well I'm not going to search through YouTube to find you the perfect video that shows block by blocks placement, looks like it was built by Eclipsys, and makes your bed in the morning. Here's the search page for you Youtube search :p
  10. Thanks.