Tutorial: Shop and Momentus

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  1. EMC Shop

    Ita says:
    "The official EMC shop is to keep a cap on inflation."
    It ain't, isn't it?

    I thought that we've abandoned that (badly flawed) "inflation cap" idea long ago.

    "The official EMC shop offers some custom items."

    "And a highly overpriced "shop of last resort"."

    Or something like that.

    Momentus (on smp6)

    Current status: missing

    PS: I like the tutorial very much.
    Can new players skip it?
  2. Aikar removed the upload button on a recent forums 'update'. If you click on "how to upload images" under the reply button, there is a guide on how to upload an image :)

    And I believe the Momentus on smp7 is missing as well (may be the case for every server).
  3. Does it work for you, can you insert the image (link above)?
  4. its
    We have pending update for tutorial to use a giant (doesn't move) just havent sent it up yet. Momentus kept breaking out...

    I just scheduled an update so should appear in the next few hours.

    And we can have SS go break those signs.

    And no tutorial isn't skippable.
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