[TUTORIAL] How to Host an ICC Event

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  1. Step 1. Find a suitable arena to physically, mentally and emotionally harm hundreds and even thousands of players. Ex. Fire Floor Arena, Middle of the Wastelands
    Step 2. Tell players it is LOTS of fun and that they should come
    Step 3. Commit unthinkable acts of mass murder and evil
    Ex. "Come get some Cake! No lie here!" 4 minutes later "/spawn Momentus 10000000"
    Step 4. Repeat step 3 until bored
    Step 5. Do something stupid that crashes the servers
    Ex. "Blitz round! Idk how it will go but lets find out!" 3 hours later "Is the server back up yet?"
    Step 6. Ignore the people who lose stuff and complain
    Step 7. Finish off with an explosive event specifically targeted at the few survivors

    And you are all done!!!

    P.S. Step 0. Become ICC
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  2. Trying to determine if this is humor or frustration... but this is so true lol :D

    EDIT: FIRST!!!!
  3. A mix of humor, frustration, and my own personal desire to do exactly what is above...

    including step 0....

  4. I've talked to ICC during some of the events and I can say with absolute certainty that this is 100% true.
  5. Did you forget?

    Step -1: Get food and watch television.
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  6. Then there's also

    Step -1/2: Have players wait 'til "later" for 2-6 hours
  7. Step 1. Transform into IcC like autobots.
    Step 2. ???
    Step 3. After step 2, event is hosted at whatever time.
    4. Event itself.
    5. Complainers.
    6. Use ice cream powers to make everyone bow down to power!
  8. step 9: budder
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  9. where is there ??????? and Profit?!?!?!
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  10. Profit = RU
    R = raging 6 year olds because they died from a withernado
    U = underdoge armorless people surviving longer than the juggernaughts
  11. You forgot the bit about the pinky swear; that's important to establish trust with your victims, er, playmates.