tutorail?? where

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  1. I can't find the Tutorail?? wtf where is he????
  2. You spawn in the tutorial the first time you connect to an EMC server. :)

    To go back after completing it for the first time, use /tutorial.
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  3. NO i can't join !!!
    there stands: You mist complete the tutotial on any SMP server first
  4. I just hope you weren't serious...
  5. What Jack said, also I don't know what you mean by 'wtf where is he????' it isn't a player, the tutorial helps you learn about EMC, it's features and commands
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  6. Are you joining utopia? Im not sure, but that could cause a problem. Join a different SMP server.
  7. You are connecting to Utopia, try connecting to smp1.empire.us :)
  8. You're connecting to Utopia. Connect to an SMP server on the servers tab.
  9. His first language may have been a romance language. In romance languages they use "He" or "She" instead of "It." For example, "he" would be "Il" in french, as well as "she" would be "elle." By saying "Where is he??" he means "Where is it??". If his first language was English, then it was just a mistake.
  10. It clearly is Dutch, as NL means Netherlands.
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  11. I am not familiar with the dutch language, however as it looks in google translate, they use a system similar to that of the romance languages.