Turritopsis dohrnii

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  1. I just heard about this on 'The Blacklist'. Thoughts?

    Really cool species, kind of freaky... but cool!
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  2. Wow, that's awesome. The abilities of many of nature's creatures (especially sea life, there's just something amazing about the ocean in particular) never cease to amaze me. Supersonic punches, built in stealth modes, immortality, flight, super-speed, poison, ink clouds, spit guns, built in "machine guns," cocoon-making... If it weren't for our brains, I have a strong feeling that we would be doomed. :p
  3. I like stuff like this, especially creatures with crazy awesome abilities. What I find even cooler is that I leaned about it from TV and further research. Yet people say you dont gain anything from watching tv all the time :p
  4. One of the reasons I love National Geographic in particular. There are so many cool things to learn about. Whenever people have asked me what superpower I'd like, I've always said that I'd like shape-shifting so that I could become any creature imaginable.
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  5. Awesome. I find rare animals and just life in of itself very intriguing as a whole. Sometimes, when I watch National Geographic, I look at some of the 'uglier' animals and say to myself: "Hm, looks kind of like me when I've been deprived of sleep for 2 days. Does that mean I'm a Titanoboa?" I know.

    var Logic === "Perfect <3"
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  6. Ocean creatures have a lot more "defenses" and stuff because they have been evolving for millions of years longer than land animals so they have all these neat tricks up their sleeves :p The ocean is cool but a because of this, a deadly place.
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  7. Ocean wildlife has always fascinated me more than land creatures. I wonder why that is? Maybe because the ocean is such a foreign environment for us as a species. :confused:
  8. You know theres also a species called jellymushroom :p
  9. Very cool, the jelly you need to worry about is the Irukandji Jellyfish. Its found in Australia. Very, very small.
    You'll have a long stay in the Hospital, if it don't kill ya! Around 6 Months. Oh its about 100 times more powerful than that of the cobra!
  10. Bump for awesome critters!
  11. I too have the ability to revert back to a child-like state.
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  12. That's amazing, we need to bring you in for testing.
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  13. But I didn't study :eek:
  14. No, you must report to Aikar at 0900 Tomorrow.
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  15. Is that in Aikar Time?
  16. Yes.
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  17. Fun fact:
    Other fish can asexually reproduce as well. On very rare occasions, the mother can produce offspring without the need for a male or similar. The offspring is usually stunted in development and fertility because true breeding is more of a plant thing at its most complex... But either way, it's been documented happening even in sharks. A female shark at the Henry Doorly Zoo aquarium (yay my hometown) had a pup on its own; no male sharks were in the tank and no sharks in the wild had touched it.
    couple a' sources: http://www.livescience.com/9505-virgin-shark-birth.html
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