Turn XP/Experience Points in an "item" ?

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  1. Hello EMC gamers.
    Do you think that we should do it?

    I think we should, cause then we could sell our Experience Points.

    Think, is you was in lvl 37, and you so wanted to get in 38- What do to? - You could just ask in the chat: Who sells XP? - And you can just go and buy them in a shop:)

    Type: Agree or Disagree, and i little comment as well :)
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  2. Disagree...it would kill the point of our new leaderboards. :)
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  3. Its a good idea but i also think it kind of ruins the point of the leaderboards i mean going to the Wilderness and getting XP seems to me to be more fun rather than just asking to buy XP
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  4. "Who sells XP?" LMAO
    Disagree ;)
    Then the TEXP leaderboard gonna be turn into Rupees leaderboard (indirectly)
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  5. I am sure I seen that XP potions where going to be introduced in 1.2. Don't think they will be craftable but might become loot in dungeons. If so these could be sellable.
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  6. Wow in the end i managed to Like everyone's posts xD
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  7. lol
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  8. Disagree...
    It ruins the fun to go out in the wild to kill enermen, skeltons and all the other mobs:)
    And btw it would totally ruin the leaderboards to;)
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  9. I just check the Bottle o Enchantment. it give 3-11 xp point for 1 bottle :D
    But it seem rare.
    The craftable fireball look interesting :)
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  10. Beat you to it.