Turn off town but still get /tells

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  1. Is there a way to turn off chat and still be able to get private messages? It's so annoying that if I turn off chat, I can't get pm's. Surely that can't be right.

    Any help appreciated, thank you
  2. I dont think there is a way to get PM's but not to get other messages.
  3. sry dsra, it doesnt exist yet...maybe in the future (hint hint Aikar)
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  4. Town chat is so annoying today I kind of want to stab my computer - why why why is it set up that way?

    Thanks for the replies guys ;[
  5. Idk why it's set up that way butyou can ignore certain people in chat with /ignore if certain people are driving you nuts. :p
  6. /ch l
    /ch r

    I think you can still receive PMs through this.
  7. soul, she wants to not see town chat...
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  8. I agree with the others here, it is not currently possible for this to happen. sorry
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  9. Sadly I think this would be the only way at the moment. My poor ignore list is huge :/ lol
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  10. /ch leave t
    /ch leave l
    /ch leave s
    /ch leave r
    (assuming /ch leave still exists)
  11. I tried it and it said "You are not in a private conversation"
  12. You're stuck permanently in town chat because Justin took the option to leave out.
    • -snip-
    • You can no longer leave/join channels, not many people ever used this and the resources saved to not keep track of it were enormous. Also once d1223m has the EMC UI mod ready this will allow you to place channels in tabs.
  13. This used to exist - However Justin and ICC removed it because 'Noone used it' which had about 150 people up in arms.
  14. /ch leave doesn't appear to exist. Got my hopes up!

    It needs to come back. Like srs.
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  15. So my question then is can we have leaving back until this chat gui comes? It would make keeping track of private messages so much easier.
  16. Well this whole EMC GUI sounds like a good idea but d1223m hasn't released any compatible updates in ages... I'm beginning to lose hope :oops: He hasn't even been in-game on the Empire for for over 60 days :eek:
  17. We could potentially add a "leave" feature that isn't remembered on logout.
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  18. /ch r
    Sets it so you can only see chat in your res.
    /ch l
    Sets it so you can only see local chat.
    I don't know if this turns off PMs or not though, I think /ch leave would have been better staying in. d1223m has not been online in-game for ages, and the EMCGUI isn't updated. This makes me believe (even though he helped me out with alot of things when I was a newbie) he should be classified as an inactive mod.
  19. It doesn't make it so you can only see it, it just targets it so that any messages you send will go into that channel. You can still see town and supporter chat.
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  20. I rarely use these things unless i'm talking to somebody and don't want to spam the chat :p