Turkeys are bad at spawning

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by neonkillah, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. Three super turkeys spawned underneath the smp4 center wastelands outpost. And they can't get out.

    Stabbing & Prodding
    Gentle counsel
    More stabbing & Prodding

    They found the one place where they can truly be invincible..
  2. Try a piston pusher
  3. Problem with that is, it's under the protected spawn, so it's untouchable D: and can't place blocks around em
  4. Not even a long piston pusher? Or water? Block glitching them? Like, placing blocks and using that to push them out of the way
  5. Yeah. The turkeys were at the solid bottom of the waste spawner by the time I quit. That's only a 1 high area, and so deep into the center of the protected spawn that I couldn't do anything with pistons or water
  6. Hunt them with bow and arrow
  7. Won't work either. You can't kill anything in the spawn protection zone. They have to be lured/forced out.
  8. No, I mean you shoot them and use the hit to flinch them out of hiding/safety
  9. You don't understand.
    No knockback or damage, or hunger loss is done inside protected spawn. None at all.
  10. Awww man. I thought that worked (as I did the same on SMP7 wild once)