Trying to sell horses

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  1. I recently tried to set up a shop to sell horses on my third res (3777 smp2) - I read the tutorial - I made the signs - they all said they were successful - but when then are left clicked they don't appear to work - is this a glitch with horses - or have I somehow done it wrong? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. I think it's because horses all have different stats. Maybe. Anyways, try [Slot 27] on your shop and put the eggs in the last slot(the 27th)of the chest(for DC's its 54)
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  3. cool - thank you - will try that :)
  4. Tell me if that works, otherwise hope some others some along :p
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  5. That should work.
    What I do is in chest 'A' ( the sell chest) I put [Slot1] for the last line.
    Then I fill up the chest with a piece of dirt (or anything else) in every space, except for the first slot where I put a horse egg. Then I link a hopper to chest "A" , with another chest "B" filled with horse eggs.

    The hopper will pull horse eggs out of chest ''B" and put them into slot 1 of chest 'A'.

    Basically, the person will purchase an egg from chest "A" (shop chest) which is in slot one. The dirt will prevent the eggs from going anywhere except into the first slot.
    The hopper will push an egg from chest 'B' into slot 1 of chest 'A', in the sell chest.

    Hope this helps. They were going to change the way chest 'slots' works, but if it has been updated, I have not played with it since then. Hope this makes sense, and hope this helps!
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  6. sorry that took so long - the slot idea did work - but found would only sell that slot (not last as I read it) - so I have hooked it up to another chest and hopper - and so far that appears to be working well. Thankyou very much for your help :D - and then I refreshed my screen and saw highdancer54 had suggested what I ended up doing - thankyou both :D
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