Trying to locate all circulated copies of my head

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  1. As the thread title states, I am trying to locate all circulated copies of my head so I can issue a certificate of authenticity to prove that the head is mine, as I recently decided to stop distributing my head permanently, barring some future event in where I decide to inject another head into circulation with its certificate of authenticity. I currently know that 1 copy of my head resides in the Batt Cave with battmeghs and another resides in my personal head collection, but there are at least 2 others that I believe are in circulation. I also have one sitting in the purse for my AMA contest. I can give 10,000 rupees to anyone that can help me find the whereabouts of any of the other heads in circulation.
  2. i have 2 i think
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  3. Do you have them in a museum setting or in storage..?
  4. I'll check my basement when i get home from work.
  5. Out of curiosity, would a certificate be necessary? As long as it says "xxxxxx'd Head", wouldn't it be legit?
  6. The certificate is technically unnecessary, but I am giving them to the owners of my head, as technically, my head is now a bit of a collectable as I now have head drops turned off and only about 4-5 copies of my head exist in the server, possibly more.. And I will not be selling my head, either.. As it takes too much work to collect them as it is.. :oops: