Trying out experimentation changes on smp7

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  1. As previously stated ( I have been hiding and working on squeezing some more performance out of MC. I have done a few small tweaks but nothing gained noticeable results. Today I implemented some experimental performance tweaks on smp7. I tested these for the last two days to make sure they wouldn't have any serious bugs, but the true test is running it on a server. If these changes work they could translate into HUGE performance increases.

    During this period if you are playing on smp7 and notice anything different (normal things like my sheep disappeared, I spawned in the wrong location when joining, etc - will still exist until MC fixes them), please let me know. I am also looking for some "how it feels" feedback, like if the server seems less laggy / more laggy / etc. If it is general feedback please post on this thread. If it is an emergency "OH NOOOOO" please send me a private message as I get email alerts from them on my phone (include a descriptive subject).

    Thanks for the patience, long live the Empire!
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  2. nice, hope it works!
  3. it was less lag these 2 last days :)
  4. Good idea :) why test on the new people's server? Oh well hope it works :)
  5. The reason for testing on smp7 was because it is the way smp1-6 will be after Thursday, with the large pre-generated areas, and some of the tweaks have to do with chunk control (world data).
  6. Ah I see That makes sence I was hoping you would make a joke how like "No one cares about the new players j/k"
    oh well :p
  7. Several times I've disconnected from the server to let spiders settle to modify water slides and after reconnecting there will be a 5-10 sec delay and spiders will respawn OUT of the slides (even with the slides closed) and I have to fight through the turmoil. So far I'm winning those battles but ggeeeezzzzzz! :eek:
  8. i think its a good thing they are not despawning now just cause of disconnect
  9. That's a good point but it is convenient at times. Others not so much. I had about 15 min of spiders built up last night and the server lagged and the crusher ran too long and killed them all. :( Big fat goose egg of xp. :mad:
  10. Firstly, thanks Justin and everyone else for the hard work you guys are putting into making EMC such a great community. What follows is certainly not a complaint, just observations.

    I'll be happy to add my thoughts & observations. First a little background: I started on smp6 about a month ago, and then began splitting time between there and smp7 when it first opened. I play the game on 2 different computers, both would qualify as relatively nice gaming machines (both with over 4 GB RAM, high end video cards - although I run MC using default settings. I use a 128x128 "HD" texture pack, and every time I check FPS, it's generally over 175).
    Frankly, the news that Justin is tweaking smp7 is very encouraging to me because I've noticed some performance issues over the last week. My frame of reference is from having similar monster farm setups on both servers, to the point where there is significant differences when trying to farm XP on each of the 2 servers. While building my farm on smp7, I had serious problems with rubberbanding blocks, to the point of having to "chop down" blocks 2, 3 or sometimes 4 times. It was a phenomenon that I did experience when building the farm on 6, but nowhere near the frequency that I saw it when building the farm on 7 (and it got to the point where it wasn't worth it to continue, just had to find something else to do). Additionally, the rate at which monsters spawned on 7 was a lot slower than they would spawn on 6.
    The times I would call "heavy server lag" usually happened late afternoon through the evening (no surprise as that's when the kiddos get home from school and then people start arriving home from work), and usually by late evening, the rubberbanding blocks would stop happening.
    I've been on smp7 a couple times today and it certainly feels a lot less laggy. I did add another layer to my monster farm late last night, so I don't really know yet the effect of that, but the rate of monster spawn sure seems significantly better to me so far. I think the real test, for me, comes tonight when I'll try and farm monsters and then go out and mine. I'll add more information later tonight, probably at the end of the night.
  11. I love your avatar!!!! :D Big MONY. hahaha

    And yes, big Thank You to Justin and his staff for all they do.
  12. I just made a new hole into the wild and yes, the lag was much better. Almost no "block destroy failure" and no movement rubberbanding at all.

    But those creepers are more sensitive. I ran past one and it blew up right where it was standing. (They should not blow up after the player left the activation range.)

    PS: I like the item combining. Not sure if it really should reset the pickup countdown. But it may not make a real difference...

    PPS: And again the area below 16 had some tunnels that look suspiciously like the shortest paths between diamond deposits. Which, btw, I found none. Plenty of redstone, lapis, gold and iron...
  13. Got a problem.... it's consistent. SMP 7, I just ran my crusher on three (10 min) groups of spiders in a row and made sure the times of crushing were reduced to not kill them. Then used potions which looks like it kills them normally but I got "zero" xp from them. Got lots of string and spiders eyes but no XP. Just to let you know.

    Very frustrating but such is the pain of things getting better.
  14. I will still have some things to tweak and settings to tweak but it is clear these changes are a major improvement with no big bugs (that weren't already here lol). I will update smp1-6 with it now :) :)
  15. I never did get a chance to see how rubberbanding was on smp7 during peak hours, only got a chance to whack a few monsters about, however, it certainly seems like everything ran a whole lot better than usual.