True Friends

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  1. All of my good friends. Its hard to ever forget them, cause they do so much for me. :D
    Did anyone notice a wild bob leaping randomly through the field. lol

    Me and Mr. Crazy, he is one of the collest moderators i know. hes a great person to hang out with.

    Margaritte is the most nicest person every. :)

    Me and one of my oldest EMC friends.

    Me and The EMC Duck, Quaka

    Me and my oldest Emc best friends. :)

    One of my oldest friends from EMC, ive known her way too long.. lol :D

    Cookie and Nick, some of the most remembered EMC players ever.. lol
  2. True true friends?

    No, no.. not this time. Glad to see you're not fretting so much about what others think of you anymore.
    'Course, I always liked you. I guess it was an SMP2 thing, one of those things that I don't notice.
  3. Looks at picture... Sees not on list... Goes to talk to Inuy :)
    Looks like bob photobombed you guys.
  4. Thanks crazy, its more of a smp2 issues. plus people at school. Thanks. I had a screenshot, ill find it. If not, ill need to find you. :)
  5. Just not sure what you mean on that part.
  6. You wernt on when i was taking the pictures. sorry jacob. when i stock on more pictures ill make sure to add you. :)
  7. You wernt answering my messages, you kept going to smp5 and logging off. So i couldn't get ahold of you.
  8. Lol I was just joking. You don't have to post a pic of me if you don't want.
  9. I've never seen you before :confused:
  10. I live on smp2, that might be why.
  11. By the way what is your skin?
  12. It is a pyrotechnic scientist i made w long time ago.
  13. Hey you forgot me! No Worries, I added myself in.

  14. Hmm, it appears he still forgot me. How nice.
  15. I guess i was hig or something, but i guess thats you... lol jk
  16. So, you're ignoring my posts on here? How nice. Love you too.
  17. Dude, i told you you kept logging on and off. You went to 7 every time id try to talk to you.