Trove, New game on Steam

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Keliris, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. worst game ever, all servers are always down couldn't even play once.
  2. That does not seem to be an issue right now though they have the issue of a very large queue to log in.
  3. I have been playing this game before on steam, it a simple version of MMORPG's. But it requires a lot of grinding for resources. Currently I can not play it due to the game being for demanding than before.

    That is not a good reason, it depends when you login, but currently there is a wait timer to join the server...
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  4. I love this game, it has had a rocky launch with queue times and server shutdowns but honestly, I think it's worth it.
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  5. But I can't just wait 1h just to enter a free to play game. Might change my opinion when they will fix the issue.
  6. I assume that the number of people attempting to log in will drop off after the first month or so and on the posts on the game it is said that it has been down because of maintenance and etc.
  7. The queue time (at least for me) have been fixed, most I'm getting is 10 minutes. they do shut the servers down a lot to add stuff in, it just seems like they weren't prepared for the big response they got.
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  8. Bump because why not!
  9. After 7 days I decided to bump this thread again with some news. The wait queue has been resolved(at least for now) which makes the game much more playable for those who want to try it.