[Troubleshooting Mousepad?] (LOL)

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  1. So
    I bought a new gaming mousemat (Steelseries 9HD)
    because I wanted to be l337 in CS:GO, and
    seemingly at random it decides to have my mouse
    turn my character around in a 180 or 360...

    It was fine on the old cloth pad I was using.

    I never thought I'd have to troubleshoot a mousemat..
    Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? LOL.

    I tried uninstalling/reinstalling/updating mouse drivers.
    I tried wiping the new mat down.
    I even blew the dust out of optical mouse hole.

    pls send adult.
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  2. Has happened to me before, I believe the game is at fault here. Of course, I may have accidentally touched the touchpad on my laptop while typing. (I do use a mouse hooked to the laptop).
    I usually just start and close MC a few times and it fixes itself eventually :/
  3. If you've really cleaned the mouse and mousepad, then CS:GO could be at fault. Try popping raw_input 1 into the console... that tends to fix a few mouse problems.
  4. Already have RAW on :(
  5. I've closed it multiple times. and it's not just in game. Maybe if I scrub the ever living sh*t out of it it'll be better...
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  6. Turns out that other people on Amazon also have tracking issues with this mouse.
  7. lmao, i'm laughing so hard.. oh my x'D
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    (stranger danger)
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