Trouble with the end.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SoggyLettuce, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. I currently have located and activated two of smp5's end portals so far.
    Each one of the portals however leads to the same end. My question is as follows:
    Is this intentional or is this just a glitch. And if it is intentional why was this implemented.

    p.s. I was the first to enter the end on smp5 after the reset so why wasn't the egg still there???
    I know the dragon is killed by the admin so nobody can have crazy exp. Was the egg removed as well?
  2. There is only one End per Minecraft world. The egg was removed to prevent arguments over who should get it(same reason the Enderdragon was killed).
  3. Each server only has one end, all end portals lead to that. We do not have dragons or eggs in them as it just caused trouble and arguments and is an unfair boost to TEXP.
  4. Theres 3 portals in 1 Minecraft world, They would all lead to the same End. The Ender eyes will only lead you to the closest portal it finds, I think. Im not Fully sure.

    And Yes, The Egg was removed to prevent arguements.
  5. Ah...well i have managed to gather about 15 stacks of mossy stone
    Also how much do dragon eggs sell for??? I have seen a few people talking about ones people still have.
  6. I witnessed the destruction of the egg on smp7. :) It was marvelous. haha
  7. Actually the Wilderness has "unlimited" strong holds now, the three was only the first version after the adventure update.
  8. :eek: I never quite knew. Learning something new everyday :D
  9. Well, they are normally auctioned for (keyword) up to 400,000 rupees.
  10. Up to four...hundred...thousand?

    Vegeta, can your scouter freakin' count to that number?