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  1. Hey I recently changed my skin and thought to myself that my avatar on Emc would update to my new skin, we'll Unfortunately that's not the case. I'm not sure if their is some way I'm missing where I can update my avatar to my new skin or this is some bug where it is stuck with the skin you had when signing up on the website, any help is much appreciated.
  2. I am having this problem too. I changed my skin a few months ago now and my avatar is still my previous skin :confused: Even if I try to change it, it does not update :(
  3. If you go here and click your current avatar, you should be able to change it. If your new one isn't visible there, try setting it as something different temporarily and then selecting your skin avatar again. :)
  4. The first one was not update, I have set it to this one temporarily but it is still not updated. How long do you recommend waiting? I will close the browser now though to see if there is any change :p

    EDIT: No change
  5. Hmm.. Perhaps try checking the "Delete current avatar" at the buttom
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  6. Alright, either that or the prolonged time helped ;) Thanks!
  7. Go here:
    Then fill out the details, click 'Generate' and then come back here, go to wherever you usually go to change your avatar, and voila. Avatar skin thingymabob should be updated and you have your new avatar.
  8. Thanks for the help everyone!