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  1. Ok, so When I was away on holiday this year, I was having breakfast, and I come up with this idea, We have the voters prizes and all that, I was thinking of the Achievements prizes.

    How it would work: When you get to a achievement and you get to it you get the same as you would from voting, you get given rupees and tokens, and when you get to a certain point like the voting, when you get to the most achievements you get something big and special.

    Please give me your response on what you think of this please, because I thought it was a cool idea, maybe it might be a bit to hard to do, but just thought id let you all know what I was thinking.
  2. So, trophies, or achievements? Which one are you asking for?
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  3. Like, 'The Block of Achievement'? I'm not seeing it... I can picture the rupee/token reward, though.
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  4. What we get, the achievements.
  5. You get awards from getting your achievements.
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