Trollkour (Trolling Parkour)

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  1. Hi I am Red, and i am here to tell you about my latest build, the Trolling Parkour. On SMP2, I decided to build this and it has made some laughs (for me anyways). SMP2 3349, let me share with you what happened tonight:

    First Race: B4Dman5imon, Gabrielrocks69, Qwertyip, Thenceforward.
    1st: 5 iron Blocks
    2nd: 1 diamond
    Lasted: 10-15ish mins. B4d and Gab quit overtime, but thence (1st) and qwerty (2nd) stuck it through to the end.

    Second Race: superg64, isleyburns3, robotsanta, taterstjb, speedyspiderman
    1st: Diamond Block
    2nd: Emerald Block
    3rd: Iron Block
    Lasted: 50-55ish mins b4 I had to let them legally use enderpearls (except for superg). Overall about 60-65mins. Isley quit even though she was doing ok, and taters took a short break but almost got 3rd. robotsanta and speedyspiderman used enderpearls to take out the 6th and 9th levels. (so did everyone except for superg who did it legit).

    How fast can you do it? 10 mins? 5 mins? Show everyone who is boss on this parkour that loves to troll!
    3349 smp2.

    Just something I wanted to share. :D
  2. Third Race: LOTS OF PEOPLE (cant remember all the names but 10+ players)
    1st: Beacon
    Winner: MasteryMockery
  3. Oh I thought you are here to complain about trolling (impossible) parkours :D
  4. Did you just change your sig?