Trolling Mrlegitislegit! :)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by FrankieC, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Just wait until he turns around, this will teach him for AFKing underground.

    trolling legit.png
  2. BUMP! Before any diamond supporters sprint into this thread like usain bolt exclaiming that this is harrassment and i could get banned, please don't fret ;). Legit is a good friend and he is expecting me, (just not like this) hehehe <3
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  3. HAHA! Creeper skins are the best at Trolling. Please let us know the outcome, whether MrLegit Legitly wet his pants ;)
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  4. By being BRB, it didn't really work :p
  5. were was pic taken and lol i love invisible skins
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  6. Sadly i went to check the forums for 20 seconds when he woke up, and he saw me un-crouched :(. Although, i have trolled him in the past while dropping down on him while he was mining ;D
  7. I'm still going to find away to kill you on Minecraft, and make it look like its your own fault...
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  8. Not before i do
  9. /banned for pvp :p
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  10. Is it against the rules to kill yourself repeatedly.. Examples: Jumping over really high cliffs, Jumping in Lava, Running into a pack of creepers with no armor, suffocating, and for Diamond Supporters - blowing yourself up with TNT
  11. where does it say that?
    imma still blow myself up. :0
  12. I was joking lol - there is not rule against pvs (player vs. self [just made it up])
  13. ok i just blew myself up in a rocket in utopia xD