Trolling just sometimes...

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  1. Trolling just sometimes get out of hand, I mean seriously. If you have any stories of being trolled on or trolling someone post it below! Please keep the thread clean and make sure its funny!
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  2. Trolololol
  3. yes!
    i love you, was waiting for someone to make a thread for this
  4. This is me trolling the trolling thread of a troll who is telling us about trolling by posting a troll thread meant to show us an example of trolling so that we may laugh at his trolling and in turn learn from his trolling wisdom so that we may troll the troll thread and become trollers ourselves.
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  5. One time I went to every server after dark and had a contest. The contest was once someone guessed my name, they'd win at least 1000r discreetly. However I'd announce a different name they guessed which was wrong and claimed it was right (My real name was stated by each winner, but I announced my name was a different name which they said earlier). And so in SMP1 my name was Xavier, SMP2: Joe. And so on. Then I made a thread with a poll, using each of the names the SMPs chose for me. I was hoping it would end in arguments, though it never did. You may view the thread here:
  6. Green mystery....master of trolling......
  7. I don't even have to try to troll. People just generally get mad at stuff I post.
  8. This post offends me.
  9. I have the sudden urge to track you down and go Chris Brown on you.
  10. ubad, image is broken
  11. Green you said you name was Billy! :p
  12. I foresee them becoming great world leaders in our near future.
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  13. Reminds me of the Assumption Song by the Arrogant Worms.
  14. I remember once telling some cs 1.6 players that were friends of mine, that Valve had updated the game and added hats while they were in offline for some lan matches. Their reactions was quite worth the not talking for a month after they found out I lied.
  15. Trolling people that actually LIKE the hats Valve adds that ruin their games but stuffs their pockets with some 12 year-old's mom's cash?

    I approve.
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  16. Well some liked hats, and others hated the hats. It was funny because they had started fighting over it. In the end they turned the collective hate at me and refused to talk to me because of the joke. Valve still hasn't responded to any of my emails saying how adding hats to cs 1.6 and cs:s would be the greatest April's fools joke.
  17. What is trulyFunny about this is how freaked out those two people are :D I lol'd at this :p
    This was supposed to reply to Monsters post ...... But my iPad is a retard -_-