Tried to lock a chest but it didn't work

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  1. I tried to put a lock sign over a chest in the Wasteland but it said I did not have permission. I thought the purpose of those lock signs (1000 rupees each) was for locking things outside of town. What did I do wrong?
  2. You did it in the wastelands
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  3. players are not allowed to lock chest in the waste land.
  4. Wastelands are reset periodically. Like the entire world is deleted. So, locking chests has been disabled to discourage keeping valuables and other stuff out there, rather keep it in town or a locked chest in the Frontier
  5. That or use An enderchest
  6. Actually it is an enderchest that I was trying to lock - or are they automatically locked?
  7. Well no, but only you can see what the items that you put in there. Everyone's inventory in an enderchest is special to each player.
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  8. Although it could be beneficial to lock them to prevent them from being destroyed
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  9. Thank you! I was wondering about that.